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Did Social Media Kill The IT Girl?

Does Social media make us all influential?

At a first glance I would definitely agree that IG killed the IT girl because it’s easily obtainable and short lived. Is it’s really a bad thing? I think it’s an idea that’s been watered down. Or has it? When I think about women, I think about how everyone of us is so unique and so powerful. About how we all have a little magic that not all of us are even aware of. I think maybe if we spent more time with ourselves, we'll see how much of IT we all really have. 

If you take a look at what a black IT girl is from a social media standpoint, you'll see black wealth from strippers to well-born elitist. I find it hard to consider anyone a full In my opinion a rapper's baby momma more than qualifies as a modern-day debutante. But I think to be a real IT girl we need to start looking outside of wealth and into something you cannot buy but the title of the IT girl was always a fleeting and frivolous one.

What makes you an IT girl? Is it your character, your style, your vibe, your attitude, etc?


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